Solar panel

Over the past few years, solar panel prices have dropped tremendously which at first glance, is a definite plus for consumers, but not for the manufacturers. China’s booming economy and their government’s subsidies for the manufacturing of solar panels has allowed China to produce solar panels at a much faster and cheaper rate than that of their competitors. This led to Chinese manufacturers flooding the world’s solar market and threatening solar manufacturers in especially Europe and America. Although both the EU and the US had subsidies, research grants and tax deductions in place to support their solar market, it was still not enough to compete with China. American manufacturers launched complaints directed at their local government in October 2011 which brought on anti-dumping laws which were implemented by the US on the import of Chinese Solar products.

The EU wasn’t far behind the US which meant that the Chinese manufacturers where now the ones facing the threat. Fortunately, in a meeting between Europe and China, the EU decided to hold off on the implementation of their own anti-dumping laws against China in order to reassess if these levies are warranted. If the EU does however implement the anti-dumping law like the US, China will loose thousands of jobs as well as cause a full scale Solar war which could threaten the fight against climate change. Watch this space for monthly updates



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