Before the invention of 3D printers, designers and engineers had to rely on very expensive methods when it came to prototyping detailed designs. In this day and age, a design can be prototyped in a matter of hours without costing a small fortune. 3D printing is often used by companies such as PowerLogic to manufacture a quick prototype to see how it will work and to eliminate possible problem areas within the design, saving companies potential thousands. With such amazing technology, it is only a matter of time before someone finds a way to use it in such a way that will stir up great controversy. The Liberation group, Defense Distributed has designed and grown a fully functional hand gun. As amazing as it is, this gun has now opened up a lot of troublesome discussions regarding the ease with which a gun can be made and can be smuggled into unwarranted locations due to its plastic components.

The print file was made available to the online public and was not removed despite the State Departments demanded for its immediate removal. In a matter of days the file was downloaded over 100,000 times. Companies who manufacture 3D printers have also moved to prevent  the use of their machines for the production of weapons. Stratasys seized their rented 3D printer back from Defense Distributed after learning of the organizations intentions. As if the prevention of illegal weapon manufacturing is not a big enough problem for state security, a 31-year-old programmer by the name of Matthew Plummer-Fermandez recently released a free program which allows its users to distort their 3D models, hiding their true form and intended use. This allows the file to be shared on sites in the open without tipping off the organizations trying to remove its contents from the web.

Despite all of this, 3D printing is still an amazingly beneficial technology used by leading product design and manufacturing companies like Power Logic. It speeds up our design and manufacturing time, making our company highly efficient in developing a new product according to the clients specifications.  All of this is done while still eliminating potential errors which cannot always be seen in a virtual design.

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With power costs increasing rapidly, renewable energy is becoming a necessary investment for companies wishing to do their part in the movement for a sustainable future. PLSA has been very busy with its Solar installation which currently boasts with fifty 200 Watt panels (already installed) which will transfer 10 000 Watts  directly to inverters ranging from single phase (500W, 1 Kw, 2Kw & 5Kw) to three phase  (3Kw). From here the power will be stored in, and distributed from thirty 200 Amp Hour batteries with a further fifty more 100 Amp Hour batteries to be installed in the near future. These batteries will then deliver the stored power throughout the factory to areas where it will be best utilized. We also have a smaller experimental installation of twelve 200 Watt panels which is currently under evaluation for panel efficiency. Watch this space for updates!



The Gemini is a dual sided, pop-up unit that is powered by a gas strut and features a blue illuminated ring which is quite aesthetically pleasing . While the unit is in its stowed away position, the user can press down in the middle of the blue ring to disengage the lock which then allows the gas strut to push the unit into its upright position, exposing the power outlets. When the unit needs to be stowed away again after use, the user can simply push down in the middle of the blue ring until the unit is below the work surface and the lock clips into place keeping the unit in the closed position. Read more…