Buying a cheap USB-style charger can save money, but is it worth potentially risking your life to save that extra bit of cash? The Australian authorities have issued a warning against the use of non-compliant USB-styled chargers following the electrocution of a 28-year-old woman, who was charging her phone via her laptop. The laptop was connected to a power outlet in the wall and had earphones and the phone connected to it. It is unclear how the current connected with her body, but it was very likely due to the use of a non-compliant USB-styled charger that had failed, according to Lynelle Collins from New South Wales Department of Fair Trading.

This problem cannot be limited to Australia. Sub-standard electronic products are everywhere and are always much cheaper than their compliant counterparts. Consumers need to realize that the reason for these “elevated prices” for the branded products are not always due to the  brand name but because these products have undergone vigorous testing and make use of better quality materials to ensure that they can be used without endangering the user or the products connected to them. Just because these products look the same on the outside, does not mean they are the same on the inside! Power Logic has carried out extensive research & testing to ensure that our USB 3.0 smart chargers are not only safe but 100% compatible with the majority of smart phones on the market. 

The woman’s death is the only known fatality in Australia potentially linked with non-compliant chargers. The only other incident was reported in China during 2013 where a woman was apparently electrocuted while talking on a cell phone that was connected to the charger. The danger of getting killed by one of these non-compliant chargers is extremely unlikely but these inferior products still pose a serious risk of electrical fires which is why we at Power Logic pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality products  that adhere to strict international safety standards and regulations. These include UL (New Zealand & Australia), BSI, Kema, TÜV and more. Please click here to see our certifications.




Power Logic has a new addition! We would like to welcome Skye King, a new and talented Industrial Designer who will be joining the Research and Development team!




The new V-Dock is a simple under-desk-mounted, dual-faceted unit that can be completely concealed by any cover of the user’s design. The unit is fastened to the underside of the work surface under a precut aperture (please note that PLSA does not supply the fastening screws or any form of lid/cover). This unit is the first of its kind in the Power Logic range that allows the user the option to use the cut-out part of the work surface as the lid. 

 The double sided unit can house almost any configuration and will allow users to choose between a unit with either a solid base, a rubber flap base or a bristle base to allow for cables to enter/exit from below. It is available in black, grey and white and users can choose between 8 power cable input positions.