In recent years there has been a boom in the renewable energy sector in South Africa, the latest of which is the Jasper solar project located in the Northern Cape.  The Jasper project forms part of a solar park development which includes two other projects known as the Lesedi and Letsatsi solar projects. These two projects became fully operational earlier this year in May and produce a combined output of 150 Megawatt, which is able to power 130,000 households. This park will be addressing the critical electricity needs currently experienced in South Africa and will also aid the struggling economy in the long run according to the Solar Reserve’s CEO, Kevin Smith.

Jasper consists of over 325,000 PV solar modules that can produce up to 180,000 Megawatt-hours of renewable electricity annually. This is enough to power up to 80,000 households over a 20-year power purchase agreement plan with Eskom. The project was funded by the Internet Search Engine company, Google and marks the company’s first investment in Africa with a R122 million investment. Thanks to this, South Africa can now boast with one of the biggest solar plants on the African continent. The annual operational and maintenance budget for the solar park is set at R36.5 million with R4 million for staff, services and spare parts. A percentage has also been set aside for socio-economic development totalling R230 million over the 20 year life span of the project to aid in the development of the local communities surrounding the project.






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Power Poles allow for the segregation of power and data cables where necessary, and can also be used to store excess cables. The MK1 version has a simple-to-use hinged cover available in either a rounded or octagonal profile. This cover simply latches in place when closed. The MK2 version is a more cost-effective solution providing simple clip-on, clip-off covers. This is done with a specialised tool (supplied on request with the pole). The MK2 system is also available with either rounded or hexagonal covers… Read More…