Project ARA

When the time for cellphone upgrades come around, users tend to choose the phone that contain the features they value most. This could be the phone’s camera, battery life, the screen resolution etc. In essence a phone is bought for its features, but what if the individual features could be bought for the phone instead? What if cellphones could become customizable devices that  can be assembled using various components selected by the end user? This is exactly what Google’s Advance Technology and Projects (ATAP) have set out to do with Project ARA.

Users can now buy various components and assemble the perfect modular cellphone based on their unique requirements. The phone is an Android base device with the first edition set to be released on the 6th of February 2015. Many might remember the video that was released by talented designer Dave Hakkens in which he showcased a similar concept called Phonebloks. View video hereDave has since then teamed up with Project ARA who was working on a similar device to bring this next generation smartphone to life. The potential for further development on this design is tremendous making it one of the most exciting products to be released this year!




New Year

Power Logic would like to wish everyone a Happy and prosperous New Year! We have many new and exciting products in the pipeline that will be released throughout the year. Watch this space for updates and release dates!




We launched our Power Logic Smart USB Dedicated Charging Port (DCP) in the last quarter of 2014 world wide! It comes with two USB 3.0 Ports as standard (blue ports) and a blue power indicator LED. The words “Smart Charging” also appear on the front interfaces. Our previous USB DCPs came with USB2.0 Ports with white ports. Our Smart DCPs establish the correct charging protocol with virtually all Smart Phones and Tablets to charge them at the maximum permissible current. It is also fitted with all the necessary safety features including automatic shutdown to prolong your device’s battery life.