Tesla has caused a bit of excitement with the announcement of their new Powerwall home backup solar power solution. Although not a new idea, the Powerwall does however make use of lithium ion batteries which have a much better track record to that of the usual lead-acid batteries which are normally used in home backup power systems. Apart from being soft on the eye with its sleek and simple design, the unit is purchased as a ready-to-install power pack.

The unit provides the user with independence from the utility grid. The Powerwall is available as a 10kWh weekly cycle model and as a 7kWh daily cycle model. Both these models are guaranteed for ten years. Multiple units can installed for households with larger power consumption and can provide up to 90 kWh for the 10kWh model and 63kWh for the 7kWh model. The Powerwall is 92% round-trip DC efficient and can provide 2kW continuously or up to 3.3kW at peak times. It operates at 350 – 450V with a normal current of 5.8A that can put out up to 8.6A at peak output. A single unit is 1300 mm x 860 mm x 180 mm and weighs a approximately a 100kg. It can be installed both indoors and outdoors and must be installed by a professional electrician. The unit will be released soon and can be purchased for $3,500 (10 kWh) which is for backup applications while a daily cycle applications model (7 kWh) can be purchased for $3,000.




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