Here are some questions our clients regularly ask us:


Q: What is the price for a One-Touch or any other Power Logic product?

A: The One-Touch, like almost all PowerLogic’s products, are customizable in colour, finish and configuration, thus the price is determined by your choice in configuration, colour and finish. The images displayed on the PowerLogic website are samples and one of thousands of different configurations available.

Q: How long until my order is ready?

A: PowerLogic SA does not keep stock due to each order being a custom job. PLSA has a production lead time of 4 to 5 weeks depending on the order’s specifications. Be sure to place orders well in advance (1 month+) to avoid missing deadlines.

Q: What are the cut-out sizes?

A: PDO Mk1, SOHO Mk1, PDV and the Punto 80mm Power & Comms has a cut-out size of 80mm in diameter.

The PDO Mk3 and Punto 92mm Power & Comms has a cut-out size of 93mm in diameter.

PDO Mk2, SOHO Mk2 and the Gemini has a cut-out size of 95mm in diameter.

All other products cut-out size is determined by the configuration.

Q: Where is my closest distributor or outlet?

A: See Contact Us for a list of international distributors.