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The Future of USB Type-C

Whether you accept it or not, wired connections are everywhere. As we look around our houses, many electronic devices are still connected via cables. One of the most common connectors among them are USB connectors. The only thing is, there is such a variety of cables that it is hard to know which one you need sometimes. But this confusion is about to become a thing of the past!

The European Commission has announced plans to enforce new legislation that compels smartphone and other electronic manufacturers to fit a common USB-C charging port into all of their devices. This new legislation is intended to cut down on electronic waste by creating opportunity for the reuse of existing chargers and cables when consumers buy new electronics.

As the industry is moving more towards Type-C USB technology, here’s what you need to know:


The connector for a Type-C USB is smaller than that of the traditional Type-A USB. Further, it should be noted that the USB-C cables are both smaller and have capacity for significantly more power – up to 100 watts – in order to enable them to be used for the charging of larger devices such as laptops. This new USB Type-C can also transfer data at higher speeds of up to 40Gbit/s under the right conditions.

USB Type-C will also power everything from smartphones and tablets, to laptops, 2 in 1s, cameras, and many other smaller electronic devices. It is good to note that the USB-C will also make the VGA and HDMI ports redundant in time, as the USB Type-C will be able to handle the same high data demand.


The reversible connector of the USB Type-C is much more user-friendly as it enables the user to plug the cable into their device in any direction- no more struggling!


The USB Type-C is compatible with all devices within the most popular operating systems, of which include iOS, Android, Windows, Google, and more.

The USB Type-C connectors in combination with the Power Delivery standard have opened up a fresh perspective on power management as well as transmission. While it may not be the ultimate solution in the future, its high-power capabilities and its global standardization makes it an excellent choice.

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