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Choosing the Best USB Charging Outlet

These days, devices charged and powered via USB power ports are everywhere and are now the must-have electrical accessory. Businesses and homeowners have the option to install electrical power outlets that offer USB charging ports. This means that old power hungry adapters can be ditched, freeing up your power sockets and more devices can be plugged in to charge and more importantly modern devices can be charged faster.

There are however some things to think about before you make the change:


The most important factor affecting charging performance is the right charging protocol for your device.

There are many different devices on the market and they can be charged at different rates depending on which charging protocol the device requires. (Your device will automatically select the best charging rate protocol).  Presently there are several charging standards that devices use and each are designed to optimize the charging rate of your device. These protocols evolve and improve with each iteration, to improve charging times, battery life and reduce chances of overheating, but the good news is that they are all generally backwards compatible, meaning that if your device uses an older protocol, it will still be able to charge from a charger that has newer protocols.

The current most popular charging protocols are:

  • Quick Charge (QC) now in its 4th iteration (QC 4 and QC 4+) and is available in both USB-2 and USB-C formats and can charge a device from zero up to 50% in 15 minutes from USB-C ports.
  • Power Delivery (PD) allows up to 100W of power delivery to your device.
  • Programmable Power Supply (PPS) integrates a wider range of voltage and current charging modes and does so more precisely than PD.

All of these achieve higher charging rates by increasing the voltage and current by communicating with your device to safely give higher power outputs, reducing the time taken to recharge your device, so that you can get on with your day.


If you want to reap the benefits of USB wall sockets, Power Logic has a wide range of sockets to suit all budgets, workspaces, homes, meeting areas and more.

Options include:

  • Single and dual port options including USB-A; USB-C; USB-A+A; USB-A+C
  • USB-A (10.5 W per port up to 18W per port)
  • USB-C from 18W per port up to 65W per port
  • These also come in a Full range of Charging protocols including Quick Charge (QC); PD (Power Delivery); PPS (Programmable Power Supply)

There is also a range of wireless charging options to choose from.

Browse their collection of USB wall sockets online

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