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Essentials to set up an efficient home office

Our world is changing rapidly.  It seems that each day there is a new normal and none of us know how long this new normal will last.   With many working from home and having to look at work differently, one must ask the question, “Is my home office prepared for a long-term office?”

Power Logic has the tools to turn your home office into a professional and efficient workspace.


The first step in creating a professional home office is to simply install Power Logic Nova power outlet system.   This power unit brings convenient power access to the surface level so you can plug in your laptop, charge a cell phone and tablet without messy cable clutter.   The Nova can be mounted both above and below a worksurface.


Another office essential is the wireless charger.   Nowadays, most smartphones come with wireless charging support; and Power Logic’s wireless charger is really worth investing in.   Power Logic’s wireless charger puts convenient power at arm’s length and gets rid of messy mobile power cables that clutter the workspace.


You will definitely need to be comfortable in your home office and monitor height plays a significant role in ergonomics. The relationship between your eyes and the screen determines your work efficiency and production.  If you are going to use a monitor arm, Power Logic has the perfect solution; the Z1 monitor arm.

The Z1 monitor arm is a small but mighty addition to any office desk. The Z1 monitor arm has a slim and sleek body design, enhancing its visual appeal and does not compromise on its capability.


Proper lighting helps make for a more productive, comfortable home office workspace.

Many home offices workspaces have ambient lighting that includes overhead or recessed lights, but it is a mistake to think that those will suffice. Poor lighting can produce eyestrain and headaches, and ultimately impair your ability to work effectively.

Power Logic’s simple but effective LED desk lamp uses touch-sensitive technology so you can change the colour of the light or the brightness with just one touch.

For more information on Power Logic’s home office solutions visit or speak to one of our friendly consultants:

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