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Understanding intelligent office installation design for a fast generation

Understanding intelligent

At “The Science of Space”, a recent learning event held in Los Angeles, Liz Burow, WeWork’s VP of Workplace Strategy, and Google designer and former MIT Media Lab researcher Chrisoula Kapelonis discussed how the right office design is more than just visually appealing – it enables you to get work done, keeps you motivated and connects you to your team.

Humans have always used spaces for the same instinctive tasks, such as safety, sleep and community. Burow relates that designing the modern office takes these themes and translates them into systems where people can either retreat – pods, offices or phone booths, for example – or bond with their community.

Unlike our ancestors, however, we need a lot of electrical outlets!

This is where Power Logic is your power solution partner of choice. A large number of different of products all aimed at guiding electricity from the reception entrance into the building and all the way to the places where they electricity is used – without interruption. A wide range of finishes and materials make up a complete portfolio for practically every kind of use.

People today are used to instant access to everything with endless media, services and products available that answers in just a few taps on a smartphone. Speed is everything to Gen Y – the ‘on-demand’ generation.

Consequently, Gen Y want to see the immediacy they experience in their everyday lives reflected in the workplace. Take note that they make up 35% of the workforce.

Behavioural insights agency Canvas8 explores how this desire for immediacy is reshaping the future of work. We are resharing some of their very interesting findings in a recent report:

On-demand – services and the ubiquity of smartphones mean life is more streamlined than ever. Gen Yers expect this in the office, too. Power Logice will ensure your workforce remains online, charged and happy!

Gen Yers – always want to be learning and progressing. That means this generation wants to make the most of its time at work, and is frustrated by slow communication or processes. Plug in, and stay on with any of the wide range of Power Logic product solutions.

“As people take more ownership of their careers, they have less patience for organizations wasting their time. They want to learn, grow and achieve.”

“They want to live every day fully, to make the most of every moment.” Just as their phones are full of apps to streamline their lives (time spent on utilities and productivity apps grew by 20% globally in 2017), Gen Y are looking for employers to implement ways to speed up the day-to-day at the office.

So, when every minute counts to keep your worforce in tip top shape and functioning at their best efficiency, call Power Logic for a free business power solution consultation on 021 704 1450

Credits to: blog mentioning the report from Canvas8, Jennifer Deal, co-author of What Millennials Want from Work and a Senior Research Scientist at the Center for Creative Leadership. Tammy Erickson, Adjunct Professor of Organisational Behavior at London Business School. Jessica Brook, People Scientist at Culture Amp, a platform making it easy for employers to collect, understand and act on employee feedback. Louise Troen.

office installation design for a fast generation

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