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Power outlets for your office or workstation?

Which power outlets should you consider when setting up your home office or workstation?

Whether you are starting your own business, or your workplace allows you to work from home, having an optimized home office setup can help to ensure that you remain productive and efficient.  Most modern home offices typically include several electrical devices that require power sources.    Let’s take a look at some of Power Logic’s home office or workstation solutions so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing your next power outlet.

What is a desk power outlet system?

Before we get started, let’s refresh ourselves on what a home office power outlet actually does. It provides safe and convenient access to power connections. Instead of running several different cables across your floor, which is a messy trip hazard just waiting to happen, you can  charge your devices safely and conveniently above the desk, removing the need to bend or kneel down to plug them in.

Office Desk power outlets

The Slimline Rage:  On-desk Power Unit

If you do not like the idea of having to drill or cut through your desk, an on-desk power outlet might be the best choice.

Power Logic’s range of ultra slim power supply units include three different styled profiles; the Protea, Orion and Iris.  The Slimline range allows you to download data and keep mobiles, laptops, tablets and other technology charged simultaneously.  The Slimline range can contain a range of power options such as Audio/Mic, USB, Data, HDMI and more!  Furthermore, the slimline range can be supplied with multiple mounting options.

Power Logic’s on-desk power outlets are the perfect addition to a modern office!
Office desk power outlet USB

The Atom:  In-desk power outlet Unit

Power Logic’s Atom power outlet unit is a compact through-desk power solution that will not interfere with your workflow. Each unit is supplied with a single power outlet, dual-port USB, and a convenient cable pull-through slot. The pull-through channel turns it into a mini cable grommet to allow cables to be routed through the worktop for added convenience.  It fits through a standard 80mm grommet hole, can be mounted in worktops up to 35mm thick, and is secured in place with a simple locking system.

Office Desk power outlets

THE PDOMK 2C1:   Pop-up power unit

The Mk2C1 is a sleek, elegant, and versatile solution for your home office or workstation. When needed, the power unit simply slides up and locks into position.  The Mk 2C1 pop-up powerdock combines all aspects of work environment ports such as SA 3 pin, SA 2 pin, Data and USB, into one simple and effective product, clearing up cable clutter and tangles.  When not in use, the unit is stored out of the way below the work surface.

Power Logic’s power outlet options are available in a variety of styles.  They carry all the most popular configurations.


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