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Kick Start 2022


It is clear to see, if one looks back over the past two years, that there has been a global shift in office environments.  Businesses all around had to adapt and make changes to create a safe working environment for staff whilst remaining focused on efficiency.  

Looking forward to 2022, working from home or the office, Power Logic’s Power Outlets offer convenient access to power.    

Kick start this year with any of Power Logic’s trendy and easy-to-install power solutions.

The Pyramid 3 sided Power Outlet system


Whether you are going to be working from home or at the office, taking the time to create an organised, highly functional workspace is extremely beneficial. The Pyramid: drop and go, wireless charger is the perfect solution for creating a charging station.

The Pyramid is a unique 3-sided distribution unit. Each side is configurable with AC and DC power outlet options as well as data/comms options and is available in a variety of finishes and colours.

PDO MK2 Power Outlet system


The PDO MK2C1 is a sleek, elegant, and versatile solution for your home office or workstation. When needed, the power unit simply pops up into position.  This POWERDOCK combines all requirements of work environment ports such as SA 3 pin, SA 2 pin and USB charging, into one simple and effective product, clearing up cable clutter and giving you power when you need it.  When not in use, the unit is stored out of the way below the work surface.

Punto Plus Wireless Charger


The Punto Plus is a compact and convenient plug and play power solution providing SA 3pin, slim SA 3 pin and USB charging. It fits a standard 80mm grommet hole and is only 50mm deep and also features a unique pull-through slot for conveniently routing cables through your worksurface.

PUNTO PLUS Wireless Charger

Plug and play with built-in power supply – just connect the plug to a power outlet and charge your device wirelessly. It works with any Qi-compatible wireless charging enabled phone.

The Punto Plus wireless charger also has a unique and convenient pull-through hole to allow routing of peripheral cables through your work-surface.  The Punto Plus allows for easy access to charge your mobile device and gets rid of messy mobile power cables that clutter the workspace.

Slimline workdesk power outlet


Power Logic’s range of ultra slim power supply units include three different styled profiles; the Protea, Orion and Iris.  The Slimline range allows you to download data and keep mobiles, laptops, tablets and other technology charged simultaneously.  The Slimline range can contain a range of power options such as Audio/Mic, USB, Data, HDMI and more!  Furthermore, the slimline range can be supplied with multiple mounting options.

Power Logic’s
power outlet options are available in a variety of styles.  They carry all the most popular styles and with the most popular configurations.

For more information contact Power Logic:
Tel: (+27) 21 704 1450

Slimline workdesk power outlet
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