Mk1.1 Pop-up Power Outlet


The Powerdock Mk1.1 is the perfect kitchen power solution. The PDO Mk1 is generally used in the kitchen however can be used in the following locations:

  • Home office
  • Dressing tables
  • Garage work stations
  • TV cabinets

Get rid of the messy cable clutter and gain convenient access to your power requirements.

This stylish but concealed power outlet system contains four power outlets (2 x SA 3-pin, SA 2-pin, new SA 3-pin) and is mounted vertically, with one of the SA 3-pin outlets conveniently located below the worksurface for undercounter appliances (like a dishwasher or washing machine).

This power solution neatly retracts into the worksurface when not in use. When you want to connect your power cables, simply pull the unit out and it will automatically lock into position. Once you are finished, you can simply remove your plugs and release the locking catch to lower the unit back into the concealed position. For added safety, each unit comes with a 15A thermal reset switch to prevent overloading. All MK1 units have our water resistant seal which provides IP54 water ingress protection when in the concealed position.

All products carry a 12 month limited warranty which excludes normal wear and tear and product abuse. The warranty will be void in the event of product tampering.

Power Logic SA (Pty) Ltd manufactures different Peripheral Options and Power Outlet Options to cater for all markets. If you require a different specification of this product, please contact us directly to see what is possible.

General Features
Below surface power outlet for under counter appliances
User friendly with shuttered power outlets
3 x 3pin
3 x 2pin
Built in overload trip switch rated at 15A
Splash protection liquid proof seal
Easy installation

In Desk
Pull up
Surface Mounted
Under Desk

Natural Anodised

Operating Voltage:
110V – 250V AC @ 50Hz – 60Hz

15A (3 pin outlet)
10A (2 pin outlet)

Max Power:
3000W @ 220V – 250V AC

Local electrical regulations determine the final electrical rating of the system.

Height: 392mm (Approx. 15,43 in.)
Width: 103mm (Approx. 4,06 in.)

Cut-out Diameter:
80mm (Approx. 3,15in.)