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Pop-up power outlets

Designers and Architects are bringing their A-game when it comes to designing a kitchen or office space. So much creativity is injected into these rooms.   Pop up PowerDock’s are the perfect finishing touch as they are particularly useful for rooms where clean modern lines are preferred.   

When designing a kitchen or office space you want everything to be stylish. A pop up PowerDock can give your kitchen counter tops a neat, stylish touch with beautiful aesthetically pleasing lines. A pop up PowerDock can be installed anywhere in your kitchen or workspace, creating a visually cleaner appearance and a feeling of a modern space.

Having pop-up power outlets in your kitchen countertop literally puts the power in your hands. The ability to have power outlets exactly where you need it most will greatly contribute to your workflow. The added benefit to these power outlets is that it slides below the countertop when not in use, preserving the look of your kitchen.

Questions that may arise when deciding on your new pop up power outlets.

i) Pop up or pull up?
ii) Installation?

Most entry level pop up PowerDock’s are manually pulled-up and pushed down.


Automatic pop up PowerDocks can be raised by pressing a button on top of the unit, this will activate the unit to “pop up” and then manually pushed down when not in use.


The important thing to think about is the space that is required below the worktop as well as the height of the pop up PowerDock.  One must also consider the size of the hole that is required in the work top.


Power Logic has a range of pop up PowerDocks to fit any kitchen, boardroom, or workspace.  To shop online for Power Logic’s full range, click here or contact us on  (+27) 21 704 1450 

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