Apex Power Unit


The Apex unit can provide multiple charging capabilities in any waiting area. A few ideal locations for this unit could include airports, banks, hotel lobbies, bus / train stations, hospitals as well as any office reception area and so much more.

This unit can be custom made according to your needs with a selection of international power outlets to choose from. The Apex can charge any Apple®, Android® and Windows® operated devices. This one of a kind unit will supply a charging hub for all your waiting customers.

Provide multiple charging capabilities for customers while they wait with the one of a kind Apex unit.

All products carry a 12 month warranty which excludes normal wear and tear and product abuse. The warranty will be void in the event of product tampering.

Power Logic SA (Pty) Ltd provides a wide variety of different Peripheral Options and Power Outlet Options to cater for all markets.

  • Three surface edges light up when unit is powered
  • Surface is covered with Neoprene material to prevent devices slipping off the unit
  • Dual USB Smart Charging ports as well as a selection of international power outlets
  • Power outlets come with built in shutter to stop foreign objects from damaging the outlet
  • 15A thermal overload switch to protect unit against power overloads


  • Free Standing


  • Black
  • White
  • Grey

Operating Voltage:
110V – 250V AC @ 50-60 Hz

Smart DCP / Operating Voltage:

Current: 2.1A overall
2 X 2.1A (total of 4.2A)

712.8mm (Approx. 28.06 in.)

345.6mm (Approx. 13.61 in.)

PDF icon   Download: Apex General Information

PDF icon   Download: Apex Brochure