Wrap-A-Cable Cable Management



The Wrap a Cable product is a cable management solution that allows you to separate and sort all your cables.

The inner bag can accommodate the below while the large bag elegantly organises everything else:

  • Lightweight data cables
  • Peripheral cables
  • Thick core power supply cables

Installation is especially easy with unique eyelets for under desk attachment. This versatile cable management solution can either be installed horizontally or vertically. A wide range of configurations are available together with a unique snap on snap off feature.

Exit cables at any height by simply sliding the zips to the desired position once the cables have been aligned.

The Power Pole is also a cable management solution that specifically caters for the corporate environment.

All products carry a 12 month limited warranty which excludes normal wear and tear and product abuse. The warranty will be void in the event of product tampering

  • Capable of dealing with large amounts of cabling
  • Solution allows for flexible use and up scaling
  • Elegant and attractive cable management system
  • Selection of base and mounting options
  • Adjust to any height
  • Product comes with a selection of weighted base options to accommodate most floor covering

The mini bag
Suitable for dealing with a few lightweight cables such as computer cables as well as cables associated with audio visual applications.

The large bag
Capable of sorting the largest and heaviest of cables into an organised and presentable scenario. Also able to contain larger ferrite cores and even power supply housings. Suitable for commercial or home use.

The mini bag clips easily into the larger bag that creates compartments that deal with specialized requirements which includes large cable volumes such as data and power cables.

The under desk bag
The cable management solution for supporting cables travelling horizontally beneath the work surface This elegant addition to the wrap a cable family is quick and easy to install.