Power Pole Cable Management


The Power Pole range is the most affordable office cable management system in the market that allows for the segregation of power and data cables. These particular products can also be used to store excess cables.

The MK1 version has an easy hinged cover available in either a rounded or octagonal profile that simply latches in place when closed. The most cost-effective MK2 version provides a simple clip on and clip off cover. On request a specialized tool can be supplied with the product in order to do this.

The MK2 system is also available with either rounded or hexagonal covers.

These office cable management systems have been constructed of sturdy aluminium and are also available in a variety of powder coated, wet paint finishes or anodised colours. A factory machined cable exit slot is provided for a convenient exit/entry point for the cables to feed to or from the work surface. Customers to specify the exact position of the cable exit slot.

Each pole can be supplied with ceiling trims to hide the entry point of the pole into the ceiling void as well as jacking bolts which securely lock the Power Poles in place.

Another cable solution that is also manufactured by Power Logic SA is the Wrap-A-Cable solution. This specifically caters for the home and office envihttps://powerlogic.net/wrap-a-cableronments.

All products carry a 12 month limited warranty which excludes normal wear and tear and product abuse. The warranty will be void in the event of product tampering

  • Hides unwanted cables with ease
  • Available in various colours and finishes
  • Various shapes and sizes to choose from
  • Cable exit holes can be made at any point along the length of the Pole
  • Allows for Power and Data segregation
  • Poles can be up to 3m high (ceiling height)

65mm (Approx. 2.5 in.)

Can be up to 3m high (118.11 in.)