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How to Install a Pop-up Power Outlet System

In this DIY Guide, we walk you through the process of how to fit a pop-up powerdock from Power Logic into a kitchen or office worktop.

What is a pull-up or pop-up powerdock?

Pop-up sockets provide easy access to electricity plugs, particularly on kitchen counters and islands as well as office desks. Powerdocks are inconspicuous and only pop up when you need them. Because of the fact that they fit so neatly inside your kitchen unit or desk, it is great for keeping your workspace neat and tidy. With a pop-up powerdock you can say goodbye to those messy cables and never run out of places to plug-in your device!

Installing a countertop pop up electrical outlet is no rocket science.

Things to consider before you install the power unit.

Carefully consider where you are going to put your pull-up powerdock. Not only does one need to consider the height of the unit itself, but also allow some extra space below. The more plugs the unit has, the bigger it will be.

A pop-up powerdock is typically installed towards the back of your countertop, which will impact the drawers or the cupboard below.

Ensure that there will be enough space below for the unit to fully retract and for the cables to run unhindered from the base of the unit.

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