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The New Normal – ‘Home Office Power Solutions’

Sitting down every morning to do some work from your home office without having the right electrical equipment, can be tricky and not to mention frustrating. A well-equipped workspace can make a huge difference to one’s motivation and productivity.

Many homes are not fitted with either enough or the right type of electrical outlets to accommodate modern office technology needs. When setting up a home office one must think about the placement of your electrical sockets, cable management and lighting.

Power Logic have the perfect solutions to set up a professional home office:


Your home office desk may need to undergo some changes, putting safety first.   The ‘Wrap-a-cable’ product is an out of sight desk cable management solution that allows you to separate cables such as Lightweight data cables, Peripheral cables and Thick core power supply cables.

Installation is especially easy with unique eyelets for under desk attachment. This versatile cable management solution can either be installed horizontally or vertically. A wide range of configurations are available together with a unique snap on – snap off feature. Once you have placed your cables in the designated Velcro retainers, simply zip the bag closed and your cables are neatly hidden


For the ultimate desk space, it is worth investing in a good powerdock. A small luxury that will help turn your office into professional workspace.

The Nova powerdock is the best go-to option for a home office since it does not require any cutting into the work surface. The Nova can be mounted both above and below a worksurface using the included screw plate or clamp mechanism.  This versatile powerdock takes up little surface area, so it will not interfere with your workflow.

The Nova is a light duty dock that gives you the opportunity to easily put convenient power and USB charging options at arm’s length.

The following outlets are included in the Nova powerdock.

2 x SA outlets
USB charger-A+A
and 2m Input cable
SA Plug & desk clamp

Desk lamp for home office

LED Light

Creating evenly balanced lighting throughout your room with light fixtures, is the best way to ensure that you have an ambient and light working environment at all times. However, there may be times that you require extra lighting directed onto your working surface.

This simple but effective LED desk lamp uses touch-sensitive technology so you can change the colour of the light or the brightness with just one touch.  Portable and versatile, it can be used for night-time reading or whilst working at your desk and promises long-lasting durability thanks to its aluminium construction.

Another great feature of this product is the built in rechargeable battery, so the lamp will stay on during load shedding.

The handy adjustment angle also allows you to meet your unique illumination requirements.  What’s more, the supplied micro USB cable conveniently charges it when the LED indicator light flashes red. Once it’s solid blue, the unit is fully charged. The LED desk lamp…. Just another accessory to add to your professional space.

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