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The P-Cube Portable Power Pack

The P-Cube provides uninterrupted power!

The P-Cube is a portable power pack that automatically bridges power during a load-shedding phase and continues to work without any interruption.

The P-Cube portable power pack is versatile enough to be used for a variety of applications. Keep your entertainment center, laptops, lights, phones and other electronics charged and running smoothly. It is also an ideal camping power-accessory. The P-Cube provides up to 6 hours of power, depending on the load.

The P-Cube is fitted with the latest Lithium-Ion Phosphate battery storage technology. Lithium-ion batteries have a higher energy density and can therefore store more power enabling the device to charge numerous devices or go off-grid for longer than other types of portable power packs.

Features include:

500W Inverter UPS
500Wh battery life
AC and DC power delivery
SA 3-Pin
New Slim SA
USB-A Charger

Answering questions everyone has been asking about the P-Cube portable power pack.

Q #1:   What is the P-Cube portable power pack?

A:  The P-Cube power pack is a compact, convenient power unit that you can use to store electric power for use in cases of load-shedding or when you want to go camping.

During load-shedding the P-Cube bridges power and continues to work without any interruption to entertainment equipment, computers, laptops and lighting etc. It works the same way that a UPS system does.

Q #2: How does the P-Cube portable power pack work?

A:  The P-Cube portable power pack is a self-contained, power storage unit that functions in a similar manner to an “On-Line” UPS.    It has the latest battery storage technology in the form of Lithium-Ion Phosphate batteries.  The power pack can keep electrical equipment charged, from smartphones, tablets, laptops, to small appliances and entertainment centers etc.

Q #3: Can I use the P-Cube portable power pack for camping?

A:  The P-Cube portable power pack is extremely popular for camping.  It is a game changer for modern campers that want to get ‘away’, but still need to stay connected to smart phones and laptops.

The P-Cube produces the right amount of electricity to run small appliances, such as camping fridges, rechargeable LED lights and can charge mobile IT devices. It can also be plugged into solar panels to recharge which makes them perfect for off-grid camping.

Q #4: How long will the P-Cube portable power pack power up my TV and entertainment system when the power goes off?

A:  The P-Cube can provide up to 6 hours of uninterrupted power, depending on the load. The lighter the power load, the longer it lasts. It will power a 100W LED TV for approximately 5 hours for example.

Q #5: How to prepare the P-Cube portable power pack?

A:  For best results, switch off and disconnect entertainment equipment from the mains. Plug the P-CUBE into a wall power outlet and plug the appliances into the power outlets of the P-CUBE. Switch on the power at the wall outlet, press the Main Switch on the unit followed by the AC Power Outlet Switch to provide power to the appliances. You’re all set!

Q #6:  Which electrical equipment can be plugged into the P-Cube portable power pack?

A: The P-CUBE has been designed to power appliances or combinations of appliances that do not exceed a total rating of 500W, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, to entertainment centers etc.

Common appliances that should not be powered by the unit include hairdryers, kettles, microwave ovens, toasters, vacuum cleaners and electric heaters.

Q #7: How many electrical devices can I plug into the P-Cube portable power pack?

The P-Cube portable power pack is equipped with all the necessary charging port essentials and can charge multiple appliances at the same time.

– SA 3-Pin
– New Slim SA (x2 for P-Cube-48)
– Dual Port USB-A Charger

Q #8:  How long will the batteries in the P-Cube power pack last before they need to be replaced?

They have a life of about 2000 charge cycles before dropping to about 80% of their storage capacity. This is roughly 5 ½ years if cycled every day under normal use conditions.

Q #9:  Why does the P-Cube cost what it does?

A: We built the unit to meet the highest quality and reliability standards. In order to make it as powerful as possible, yet light enough to be easily portable, we chose Lithium base batteries. These provide high power density, yet are light , safe and incredibly durable compared to lead-acid batteries. Given that you will not have to replace thse batteries like you would conventional lead-acid ones, the P-Cube will likely turn out to be more cost effective in the long run compared to an eqivalent standard UPS system.

If you are interested in learning more about the P-Cube then speak to one of Power Logic’s friendly consultants:

Tel: (+27) 21 704 1450.

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