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Wireless charging explained

Technology when he discovered magnetic resonant coupling.  But at that time there really was no real purpose for wireless charging, until now with the increase of cellphones and other powered mobile devices.

With technology becoming so convenient, it’s only a matter of time that wireless charging becomes the preferred way to keep devices powered.  Wireless charging is a useful way to charge your device without cables, you can charge by easily placing your device on a wireless charger. To utilise wireless charging, you need to have a wireless charging compatible device, and a wireless charger, usually in the form of a disc or a small mat.

Here’s how wireless charging works:

Wireless charging is technically known as Inductive Charging. Naturally, wireless charging doesn’t just happen all by itself, and not all devices are capable of charging wirelessly. Both the wireless charger and the device being charged must contain an induction coil, which is basically just a very flat, broad coil of wire that is close to the outside surface.

The magic happens between two coils of wire, one embedded in the charger, the other in the device.  As an alternating current passes from the main transmitter coil in the charging plate, an electromagnetic field is emitted from it. When the receiving coil inside the device is placed within that field, a current is induced in the coil allowing it to transfer a charge to the object which can be stored in a battery.

There are two main wireless charging output levels currently, 5W charging or 10W charging, though there is beginning to be an increase in 15W wireless chargers. Like with standard charging, the higher the wattage, the faster the charging. They can also be rated by output amperage, with 1A at 5V wireless chargers being equal to a standard 1A USB cable charger and the 10W charger equal to a standard 2A USB charger.

Wireless Charger

Power Logic is thrilled to offer their customers that next level of convenience with their wireless charging range. Rather than hunting around for an available power outlet, seamlessly charge your device with any one of our wireless chargers below.  Power Logic’s wireless chargers can be installed in your bedside table, office desk, coffee shop,  bar, kitchen counter or any suitable flat surface.

Wireless Charger explained

The Pyramid

“Innovation doesn’t mean reinventing the wheel. Sometimes simplicity offers the most elegant solution to a problem.”

The Pyramid is a 3 sided power distribution unit which offers users the ability to charge devices via the AC outlets, DC (USB-A or USB-C outlets) or wirelessly via the built-in wireless charger mounted on top of the unit.

Available in a variety of finishes and with a fabric top, it complements any meeting area whether it be a coffee shop, informal conference area or waiting areas.

Pyramid Wireless Charger
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