Nova Power Unit


This compact yet versatile power outlet system is the ideal solution for your workstation power requirements.

The Nova can be supplied in power-only form with two AC power outlets and 2 USB outlets (combinations of USB-A and USB-C outlets are available), as well as with data and communication outlets, to allow even greater functionality. These options are pre-installed at the factory in place of one of the power outlets. A wide range of data/comms connections are available including: USB (data); HDMI; RJ45 (Data); VGA and Audio/Mic. A convenient cable exit slot is located on the rear of the unit for the data/comms cables to exit, keeping your worksurface neat and tidy.

The Nova can be mounted both above and below a worksurface using the included screw plate or clamp mechanism

All products carry a 12 month limited warranty which excludes normal wear and tear and product abuse. The warranty will be void in the event of product tampering

  • Under worksurface mounting
  • Optional Data/Comms facility
  • Screw-plate mounting
  • Clamp mounting

The Nova is available in three standard colours*:

  • black
  • light grey
  • white

* Special colours are also available on request and subject to MOQ’s.

220-250 VAC

Max. Current:
15A (UK-13A)

3000 W (Max. rated)

Smart charge USB-A ports:
Output 5V, 2.1A per port