Optima Workstation Power Outlet



The Optima is the perfect power outlet system for your office. It can be specifically customized according to the number of power outlets, switches, protection devices and voice/data that the end user requires. The large housing easily accommodates Protection modules like circuit breakers, fuses, filters and more.

The Optima has multiple mounting options available including a variety of desk clamp options, vertical and horizontal mounting, L bracket and custom-clip options.

In addition, this power outlet system can be supplied in dual power circuit (normal and dedicated) as well as a dual voltage configurations (115V and 240V).

This unit offers a variety of bespoke layouts and configurations to complement and provide convenience to your working environment.


Power Logic SA (Pty) Ltd provides a wide variety of different Peripheral Options and Power Outlet Options to cater for all markets.

All products carry a 12 month limited warranty which excludes normal wear and tear and product abuse. The warranty will be void in the event of product tampering.

  • Available with protection modules (for example, power filters, circuit breakers, earth leakage devices)
  • Combination of power and or data / voice coupled with peripheral connectors
  • 24 different types of international power outlets are available
  • 8 angles of orientation (specifically at 45 degree intervals) for each power outlets
    (certain regulations limit options in particular instances)
  • Can be supplied with either two or more circuits in one unit
  • Hybrid power (power and data altogether in one unit)
  • Numerous mounting options


  • Desk clamp on
  • Free standing
  • Static


  • White
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Natural anodised

Operating Voltage:
110V – 250V AC @ 50Hz – 60Hz

Current: 15A

Max power:
1800W @ 110V – 125V AC
3000W @ 220V – 250V AC

Local electrical regulations determine the final electrical rating of the system.

For higher current ratings, please consult your distributor directly.

Height:                                    50mm (Approx. 1.97 in.)
Width:                                     65mm (Approx. 2.56in.)
Length:                                   Variable (Depends on configuration)

PDF icon   Download: Optima Pop-up Brochure

PDF icon   Download: Optima General Information

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